Santa’s Float

Santa's Float

Santa & his helpers are getting ready to tour the town & surrounding villages.

The first night out is Friday the 1st December.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and members of both Lions & Rotary (the elves if you prefer), who put lots of work in behind the scenes and go out driving, marshalling and collecting too.

 Letters to Santa can still be posted on the float too, but remember to include your name & address!

Detailed routes are posted below.







Friday December 1st. Assemble 4.45 @ Nunney

Nunney,Berry Hill,Ridgeway,Dalemore Mead. Towrads Nunney catch, Flowerfield, Glebelands,

Westover,Towards the Bridge, Bridge Street, Horn Street, Towards Towards Nunney Catch, To

Trudoxhill, Ashfield Close, Marston Bigot  End in Trudoxhill.






Saturday December the 2nd. Assemble 4.45 @ Hapsford

Great Elm, through to Mells, Top Street, Little Green, Mells Park, Towards Vobster, Mells Longfield, Longfield, High street, New Street, Fairview, Then to Buckland Dinham, Bell Pub,, Higher street, Rogers Close, Higher Street, Main Street, Church Close, St Michaels Close, Main Street, Lower Street,. End at the end of Lower street.








Monday December the 4th Assemble 4.45 @ Tesco

Stonebridge Drive/Beaconsfield Way/Laburnum Close/Pine Court/Poplar Close/Mendip Gardens/ Gypsy Lane

/Briar Close.

Beaconsfield/Larchfield/Lavender Court/Mulberry Court/Walnut Walk/Brunel Way/Alder Walk/Holly Court.

Birch Walk/Laurel Close/Accacia Drive/Magnolia Close/Wedmore Close/Somerton gardens/Charterhouse Drive.

Wellow Drive/Foxcote & Shoscombe & Cheddar Close/Priddy Close/Collett Way/Hawksworth/Wainwright.

Blagdon Walk/Compton gardens/Doulting Court/Croscombe Gardens/Stevensons Drive/Trevithick Close.

Gooch Close/Churchward Drive/Dean Close/Braithwaite Way/Stirling Way/Churchward Close.

 End at Junction with Brunel Way



Tuesday December the 5th . Assemble 4.45 @ Gracewell House

Vine Gardens ,Parkhill Drive, Clumber Drive, Lewis Crescent, Heath Drive, Foxbury Close,

Heath Drive, Parkhill Drive, Leystone Close, Hawthorne, Leys Lane, Leys Hill, Packsaddle way,

Chapmans Close, Packsaddle Way, Pedlers Grove, Farmhouse Drive, Back to Packsaddle Way,

Grange Road, Meadow Road, Champney Road, Fairfiels Close, Tankeys Close, Northcote Crescent,

 Mendip Drive, Selwood Crescent, Mendip Drive, Mendip Close & Eastleigh Close, Leversedge,

Mendip Drive, Lilly Batch & Sedgemead. End at Junction with Grange Road


Thursday December the 7th. Assemble 4.45 @ Windsor Crescent


Windsor Crescent, (R)Berkley Road To Clink,  (St)Fermoy, (R)Clink Farm Court Back To Forest

Road, (R)Forest Road, (R)Elmleigh,

(L)Pennys Piece, (L)Elmleigh, (R)(L)Nightingale Ave, (R)Jay Close, (L)Blackbird Way, (L)Night

ingale Ave, (St)Chaffinch Ave

(St)Swallow Drive & Linnet Way, (R)Wren Close, (R) Nightengale, (R)Forest Road,  (L)Chestn

Ut Close, Turn At End, (R)Sycamore

Return To (R)Forest Road Go To Shops Entrance & (St), (L)Stonebridge Drive, (St)Aspen Close, (L)Lime

 Close, (L)Stonbridge Drive

 (St)Beech Court & Rowan Court, (L)Ashtree Road, (L)Stonebridge Drive, (St)Maple Court. End

 At This Point.











Friday December the 8th. Assemble 4.45 @ Roddenbury Close

Rodden Road, Roddenbury Close, (L)(R)St Johns Road, (R)Second Entrance St Marys Ro

ad, (R)St Johns Road.

 (R)Boundary Ave, (R)Wythburn Road (L)Boundary Ave, (R)St Johns Road, (L)Coronation Roa

d (L)To Top End Of St Johns Road,

Return, (St)St Johns At End Of Monmouth Drive, (L)Monmouth Drive, (St)Winscombe Court, (

R)Wynford Road,

(L)Wyville Road, (R)Linsvale Drive, (St)Linsvale Close, (R)(L)Whitestone Road, (St)Top End Whi

Testone Road,

(R)Woodhayes Ro0ad,(St)Both Cul-D-Sacs, (L)Wyville Road, (L)Wivenhoe,(R)(L)Bramley Dri

 (St)Bartlett Close, (R)Farley Close,

(R)Bramley Drive,(St)Waverley Close, (L)Wyville  (R)Wychelm Road, (R)Whitehorse Drive, (R

)Wychelm Road, (R)Wayside Close,

Return To (L)Wyville, (L)Westcott Close, (L)Wyville, (R)Ludlow Close, (R)Wyville,(R)Holmbu

Ry Close, (R)Wyville

(R)(L) To Stanier Close, End On Clink Road

























Saturday December the 9th. 4.45 @ Butts Hill ( Fire Station )


Butts Hill Slips Close, Butts Hill, Newington Close, Butts Hill, (St)Water Lane, The Butts,

Rossitors Rd, (St)Cherry Grove &Lower Keyford/Water Lane, Rossitors Hill, Keyford, Sunnyside/Stevens Lane

Culverhill, The Mount, Austin Close, (St)SouthfieldsMountsfieldFeltham Drive, Feltham

Lane, Tower View, Feltham Lane, Feltham Drive, Culverhill,Aldhelm Court, Mount Pleasant,

The RobbinsLittle Keyford

Lane, Return To Trading Estate. End At Manor Road












Monday December the 11th  4.45 @ Farmers Arms

Spring Gardens, Innox Hill, Lower Innox, LeonardsBarton ,Mill Close, Lower Innox, Spring Road,


Elliott Close Wickham Rise, Rosedale walk, Wickham Rise, Spring Road, Welshmill Road,

North Parade,Fromefield,

Spring Road,Stoneleigh Rise,Leys Lane, Rodden Road, Beechwood Avenue & Close, Mendip Lodge site. End









Tuesday December the 12th 4.45 @ Gore Hedge Fire Stove Shop

Christchurch St East,Alexander Road, Turn At End Back To Summer Hill Summer Hill,

Randolph Road, Singer Knoll, Woodland Road, Keyford,Knights Court, Cooperage, Back Along

Keyford,Locks Hill.

 Adderwell, Knights Maltings,Foster Road,Walker Road,Charles Road, Locks Hill Butlers Gardens.

 Finish at Junction of Butlers Gardens/Locks Hill.















Thursday December the 14th 4.45 @ Parbury Layby

Vallis Road, Wallington Way, Britains, Marley Way, Kersey Court, Weston Walk, Wallington Way, Vallis Road,

 Whatcombe Road, Upper Whatcombe, Valley View, Orchardleigh View, Low Water, Hill Ground, Weylands &

Hodders Close, Welshmill, delta Close, Singers Court, Henley Way, Foundry Way, Delta Close, End Here

















Friday December the 15th 4.45 @ Dommetts Lane







Dommetts lane, Green lane, Westfield Road, Churchill Road, Critchill Road, Flint Close, Westover,

Orchard Close, Westwood Drive, Eastwood Drive, Warleigh Close, Yeomans Lodge,

Catherstone Close, Critchill Road, Beverly Close, Critchill Close, Whitemill Lane,

Critchill Grove,. End with junction of Marston Lane





Saturday December the 16th

11.30 @ Rowden House car Park



Saturday December the 16th @ 4.45 Castle Corner Beckington






Christchurch Street West, Bath Street





Church Street, Frome Road, Warminster Road, go to by pass turn round, Sandy lane, Sandy View,

 Sandy Lane, The Weavers, Homefield Close, Sandy Lane, Goose street, The Lays, Bath Road,

Mill Close. Horse Close. Old Road, Great Dunns Close. End Here.




Monday December the 18th 5.15 p.m. Bell Inn at Rode

Church Street,Orange Close Nutts Lane, Marsh Road, Main Road, High street, Fairfield, The Mead, High Street, Lower Street, Walnut Close, Main Road, go to junction BOA road, Towards Trowbridge Road, Towards the Bell, Church Field. End at the Bell.








Tuesday December the 19th 5.45 p.m. @ Badcox

Badcox, Weymouth Road, Ecos Court, Weymouth Road, Somerset Road, St AldhamsClose, Oakfield Road, Oakfield Close, Acorn Close, Broadway, Dorset Close, Nunney Road, Nunney Barton, Lynfield Road, Nunney Road, Portland Road, Portland Close, Robins Lane, Houston way, Leaze Road, Robins lane, Vallis Road , Horton Street, Orchard Street, Vallis Way, Selwood Road, Trinity Street. End at top of Whatcombe Road.




Wednesday the 20th December Portway @ 4.45 p.m.


Victoria Road, Garston Road, Avenue Road, Wallbridge Avenue, Portway, Newland

Gardens, Portway, Garsdale, Rivers Reach, Fishers Brook, Great Western Way,

Wallbridge, Harris Close, Tuckers Close, New Road, Hillside Drive, Ellworthy,

 Styles Park, East Hill, Styles Avenue, Styles Close, Styles Hill End at Bridge





Thursday December the 21st. 2.00 @ Asda



Thursday December the 21st 4.45 @ Edmund Park Estate.



Then Chapmanslade @ 7.00













Do all of the Estate behind ASDA – End as you come out.


Through Village down to Brimhill Rise. End at the Garden Centre


Friday December the 22nd 2.00 @ Sainsbury’s



FridayDecember the 22nd 4.45 @ End of Marston trading Estate ( Rossiters Road Junction )







The Butts, The Grove, Cabell Road, Cabell Court, Pinmore, Cabell Road, Marston Road, Masons Way, Courts Barton, Barton walk, Masons way, Marston lane, Marston Close, Marston Lane, Marston Mead, Cranmore View. Georgian Court, Whitewell Road, Stourton View, Whitewell Road, Weavers Court, Richmond Road, Malthouse Court, Delmore Road, Firwood Road, Whitewell Close, Somerset Road  End at junction of Weymouth Road.