Presidents’ Blog – March 2021

Presidents’ Blog – March 2021

Good News – Spring is here! (well almost)….

In my last Blog, I talked about who & what Frome Lions support locally (be that groups or families) and today I wanted to briefly touch on the international aspect to Lions Clubs.

The first Lions Club was formed in 1917 in the USA – and today there are nearly 49,000 around the world with over 1.4 million members, all supporting local and international causes. In fact, over $36Million was generated by Lions in 2020.

So, internationally, what do with that income? Well for instance, over the last 50 years Lions Club International (LCI) have funded millions of cataract operations around the world and LCI are major funders of Diabetes research and education programmes, plus support numerous environmental & educational projects.

We respond with donations as well, to many disaster relief appeals – in a unique way. When LCI donate funds to a disaster, these go to the local Lions Club District in that country for them to manage – thus ensuring the money is spent wisely and doesn’t get ‘siphoned off’ somewhere else. You may have seen the recent example of Lebanon, where local clubs have co-ordinated the installation of windows & doors in homes wrecked by the massive explosion there last August.

Lions Clubs will always ensure that any funds generated are spent wisely, be that local or international, so why not join us in helping to make the world a better place?

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Lion Greg Wood